Monday, December 07, 2009

Advent Festival

On the 29th I took the kids to our church's Advent festival which was set in "Bethlehem." Bethlehem was originally called "Jerusalem" and was built this past summer for vacation bible school. They left it up to use for Advent. Church people were dressed as people from the town and the youth group was dressed as Roman guards and beggars.

Em and I-guy took off shortly after we got there to do their own thing which mostly involved trying to get money and items like the gold bowls pictured below. I did manage to wrangle them into doing the crafts but mostly I was on my own with the two little kids and caught glimpses of the older two running around having a blast.
Kabe was invited to try some dancing and tamborine playing by this lady. I thought she might be too shy to do it, but Kabe took that tambourine and enjoyed some dancing and playing.

I-guy even came by and tried it... for about 2 seconds until he realized it wasn't for him!

Em got really into joyfully playing the tambourine! Then she dashed back off to do her own thing.
Nate and a carpenter (this guy was a carpenter in real life too) gluing a wooden frame.
Kabe holding the wooden craft while the nice carpenter man tied the leather strips.

The finished product:

The two "littles" making clay ornaments.
One of the neatest and simplest crafts I've ever seen was a bubble wrap advent calendar. They had cut bubble wrap into the shape of a Christmas tree with 24 bubbles. The kids then wrote the numbers 1-24 (or got help) on round colorful label stickers. You then pop one bubble per day until Christmas.
Kabe carefully putting on stickers.

Too clever!
The youth director had an adorable baby boy last summer and she was dressed up as Mary and the baby was playing the part of baby "Jesus." Nate got all sort of big smiles out of the baby.
Three of them adoring baby "Jesus."
Kabe thought the baby was super cute. It doesn't seem like it's been that long since she was a baby herself. *Sniff.*
After all the crafts and fun, we had to take a bathroom break. Here are the younger two in the process of washing hands.
Then we rounded up Em and I-guy. They had managed to gather some clay coins, leather strips, and a cinnamon stick. What a great afternoon it was!

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tenthingsfarm said...

I just love that bubble wrap advent calendar! I'm filing that idea away for next year - thanks so much!