Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Lie-Bee

Blizzards are a part of life in North Dakota. When one is on the way, I always check my supply of food, bottled water, supplies, and... library books? Part of my blizzard-readiness checklist is making sure we have enough fresh library books to get through the storm. (I-guy dubbed it the "lie-bee" when he was two and couldn't say "library" very well). There's nothing cosier than snuggling up on the couch and reading together.

On our visits to the library, I am always amazed that we are often the only people in the whole children's section. I know I can't be the only one that gets ready and loads up the stroller with a towering stack of books (there's not usually room for a kid in there)!

Lately, the kids and I have been reading about medieval times. Yesterday I-guy was showing me what he's learned by "reading" me a book about how to become a knight. He got to the page showing the weapons a knight used.

He pointed to the mace and said, (in I-guy speak), "dat one's for bappin' people on da head."

The he pointed to the lance, "dat one's for knockin' 'em off "dare" horses."

Finally he pointed to the sword, "dat one's for choppin' 'em up into mincemeat!"

(He got the "mincemeat" part from another book... some of those fairytale versions are a little violent).

I tried not to fall off the couch laughing while at the same time wondering if I should be concerned! :)

***This is my entry to win a camera in the "Capture the Educational Moment" Contest sponsored by Spunky and Academic Superstore.

I've never entered a blog-constest before- fun stuff!