Saturday, December 15, 2007


Baby K is sitting on my lap right now while I type. She's been very clingy due to coming down with a cold. Yesterday she sat on DH's lab for almost 2 hours while he was working on some music. It was so cute!

Saturday night we went out on a family "date" to our favorite local pizza place. Then we drove through the park to look at all the light displays they had set up. I-guy just LOVES anything to do with Christmas and was so excited to see the lights. Everytime we drive by a big Santa decoration in town he says "Look it's Santa! Ho, ho, ho!"

It's back to school today though Em and DH have Friday off- YAY! I'm trying several new recipes this week so I hope they turn out! I want to gear up for another freezer-cooking session. We'll see if I have time to plan that.

Monday: Chinese Chicken Salad, Winter Squash Muffins

Tuesday: Steak and Rice Roll-Ups, Coffee-Lover's Coffee Cake

Wednesday: Amy's Crockpot Chicken w/ Rice and Black Beans, Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thursday: Herbed Pot Roast, Rolls, Blue Cheese/Cranberry Salad

Friday: Chicken Rollatini w/ pasta, Green Salad

Have a great week and find more menu at I'm an Organizing Junkie's Blog!

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Brrr.... it was FREEZING this week!!! We had to pull out the parkas and hats and scarves and such. It didn't get above zero at least one of the days and boy the wind!!! I'm so thankful that we have a two-car garage that is attached to our house. No more plugging in the cars (and then forgetting about it and ripping the plug out of the block heater as we drive away! :)) It's about time after having to walk outside to get to our cars for the last five winters here in North Dakota!

A couple of weeks ago I watched that show "Kitchen Nightmares" with Gordon Ramsay for the first time. I kind of want to go to culinary school and become a chef, so I found the show pretty interesting. Bethany also watched the show and attempted to recreate the hamburger they created for the new menu. Some of her commenters said that it reminded them of a meatloaf on a bun. So I'm going to try it for myself as I'm a little tired of plain old hamburgers.

Thursday: Homemade Pizza

Friday-Chicken and Rice Soup/ Chicken and Dumpling Soup

While I was menu planning, both Em and I-guy told me they wanted to plan the menu. So I asked them to come up with their own choices, some of which I am going to use for lunches. Here's what they came up with:

1-Macaroni, Vanilla/Chocolate Cake w/ Yellow Roses made w/ Vanilla Frosting
3-Chicken Rice Soup
4-Meatball Soup
5-Split Pea Soup, Bacon & Hot Dogs
6-Waffles, Eggs, Hashies

1-Hot Dogs
2-Macaroni w/ Vanillia cake w/ blue frosting
3-Noodles w/ Salad
5-Macaroni w/ ham, cheese and parmesan

Right now as I am finishing this up they are sitting at the table with me looking through cookbooks and drawing pictures of foods they think look good. Nut was at the table drawing, but now he's sitting on the floor looking at a cookie magazine. It's very cute!