Saturday, January 10, 2009


2008 has come to an end and so it is time to tally my 2008 savings and earnings. I am pleased to see that the total is almost $5500 dollars! One of the biggest ways I saved was in strategic use of coupons at the commissary saving almost $800! My CVS saving were also significant, but we don't live near a CVS anymore. Boo hoo! Walgreens has helped take up some of the slack as I have been getting some good deals there. Another significant way we saved money was in my learning to give DH and the boys their haircuts. We saved over 400 dollars that way! I am looking forward to even more savings in 2009 and plan on trying to reach 6000 dollars!

Total Savings and Income: $5466.00

Total Spent: $6431

Commissary: Total Spent: $4332
Coupon Savings: $799
CVS: Total Spent: $661
Savings: $1540
Total Spent: $663
Savings: $280
Walmart: Total Spent: $185
Savings: $75
Walgreens: Total Spent: $253
Savings: $457
Other Stores
: Total Spent: $337
Savings: $437
Haircuts: Savings: $466
Rebates Received: $126
Ebay Earnings:$257
Debit Card Rewards:
Other: $734
MyPoints: $75
Surveys: $52

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