Friday, August 01, 2008

Super Savings Saturday 8/2/08

This is the first time I am taking part in Super Savings Saturday over at, a blog I have found extremely helpful in scoring deals and saving money.

Since January of this year, I have been using several techniques (that I am keeping track of on my sidebar) to save money. These include using coupons, playing the "drugstore game," shopping sales and clearances and signing up for freebies in the mail.

This picture shows about 40 dollars worth of stuff I got for free this week!! Here's a rough breakdown:

Walgreens: free-after-rebate BioInfusions shampoo and a hair treatment (11.98 value)
free-after-rebate Jane mineral powder (4.99)

CVS: free-after-ECB's CVS liners and tampons (2 pkg. each)
free Revlon blush (9.99 value) free-after-ECB's
Kotex on sale for 2.50, used 2.00 off coupon. Paid .50

Used two 3.00/1 coupons for Planters (when you buy 3 Kraft products). My 3 Kraft products were KoolAid's at 10 cents each. The Planters were on sale at the commissary for 2.00 each so I actually made money off of them!

Electrasol: used 2.25/1 coupon and got it for about .50 at Target!

We also went to an anniversary sale at our favorite local health food grocery store and got 2 full-size Bumble Bars, 2 mini-Clif bars (not shown because we ate them in the van), and two samples of Tom's of Maine toothpaste (with 1.00 off coupons) for free!

This week was also an excellent week for the mailbox. I was so exited because I got my first reward from MyPoints. For a while now I've been clicking on the emails this site sends me and doing a little of my online shopping through their site that I would've done anyway. So I was so excited to get my $25 Starbucks gift card!!

I also was happy to find out that Target sent me not one, but two $5 gift cards because I am on their mailing list and they had to withdraw a coupon they sent out for toys. (It was a $5 coupon off a $25 dollar toy purchase that had been illegally altered). The cool thing is that I had already used the toy coupon for I-guy's and Em's birthdays back in April before all this happened! I LOVE Target! Forget Walmart, I try to go to Target whenever I can!

Finally I got TWO rebate checks in the mail this week. The first one was for Zout stain remover. I am doubly happy about this one because not only was it free, but I was so happy with the results of this stain remover, I will definitely be buying it again. It worked so much better than anything I had tried before.

The other rebate check I received was for $6.99 for purchasing a hair treatment product. It has been extremely fun and exciting to discover this whole world of savings and free stuff that I barely knew existed before!


Erin said...

Wow you really put a lot of hard work into those buys, great job!!

jettybetty said...

You did great--I have to admit--I think it's a fun game to save money this way.