Sunday, June 10, 2007


I accomplished last week's freezer meal cooking in two sessions and now have about 20 frozen meals waiting to be eaten! This week I am going to try tripling a few of my recipes and freezing the two extras as well.

One of the other books I found at the used bookstore last week was The South Beach Diet. I decided to buy it to see what all the hoopla is about and was pleased to see that it includes several recipes I would like to try including the dessert of the week.

Sunday: Out

Monday: Mini Meatloaf X3 (Barefoot Contessa's), Mashed Potatoes X3, Steamed Cauliflower,
Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Tuesday: Pepper Rice, Fresh Veg w/ Dip,

Wednesday: Garlic Lime Chicken X3, Rice, Corn on the Cob

Thursday: Old-Fashioned Beef Stew X3

Friday: Crockpot 40 Clove Chicken

Saturday: Chicken and Bacon Ranch Salad X3

***Dessert of the Week*** Individual Lime Cheesecakes

Last week's dessert that I-guy chose was yummy. I-guy enjoyed making it and Nate enjoyed helping to sample it!


Renee's Ramblings said...

Wow, Anne! This menu looks great! BTW- You're being "tagged". Come on over and check out my blog for the details.

Anne said...

Hi Renee! Thanks for tagging me- I'll try to get to that in the next few days! I hope I can think of seven intresting things!

palmtreefanatic said...

looks like a tasty week ahead with a helper in tow...
have a great week! thanks for stopping by...

Jodi said...

Looks like a yummy week! I too like to watch Barefoot Contessa!

Have a great week!

Char said...

Love the pictures - they give your menu that added touch! I need to do some freezer cooking again. Have a great week.

Betsy said...

I have to try the Garlic Chicken!

tegdirb92 said...

I want some of those cheesecakes!! Your menu looks awesome this week too.

annie said...

Your menu looks delicious.
Happy Monday!
My Life as Annie!

Sandra said...

Great menu, thank you for sharing!


Menu Plan Monday

Christi said...

Everything sounds great - I'm so inspired by your freezer cooking. That's definately something I need to start doing.

Have a great week!

jettybetty said...

I can't believe you have so many meals in the freezer! I looked for your book while I was in a couple of used books stores--but I couldn't find it. Brownie points to you for getting your children so involved in your cooking!

Joyful Days said...

Wonderful week for food at your house. What precious sweeties you have.